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5 fashion apps you must download now

In Favourite finds, tutti frutti on May 26, 2012 at 4:44 am

Keeping on top of the brands you dig, the latest trends, and the shops you love checking out can be a bit overwhelming at times. But a new breed of smartphone apps allows fashion aficionados to easily do all of that, and then some. Not only do apps now allow for personalization—such as wardrobe photo uploads and means to get in touch with a stylist—but they also bring window shopping to your smartphone.

For those of us who really want to stay in the know, few fashion apps take care of business as well as these five picks. Check them out!

Trendabl  (Free) — Starting with the newest kid on the photo-sharing block, this app is billed as ‘Instagram for fashion’. It allows you to snap, upload and tag pieces you like, where you bought it, label, store, price etc. Members can also follow the ‘tastemakers’ like Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Nicky Hilton, Whitney Port and Brad Goreski. Full of fashion eye candy,  this app is for those who like to look at clothes, and only clothes, all day long.

Snapette (Free)  — Another instagram-esque app with a super cute name, it is probably the most useful one to add to your apps collection.  Snapette allows fashionistas around the world to share their best style finds with others, whether they are around a corner or across an ocean. Lots of dreamy, pretty pictures – it’s a coffee table book on your phone.

Go Try It On (Free)  — Good fashion advice is hard to come by especially if you need it pronto. Thus app’s purpose is to let you know what others are thinking about your style choices tout suite. So, maybe you can’t decide whether those skinny jeans are worth buying, or if that jumbo pearl necklace makes you look like Wilma Flintstone, likeminded users can weigh in on your quandaries. When you want a second opinion, take a pic of yourself before submitting it to the fashion community. Then sit back and wait for the feedback to roll in.

The Cut on the Runway (Free) — Without question, this one is the best collections app I came across. It features exclusive backstage, front-row, and party photos of models, designers, and celebrities from every show and every fashion week around the globe. Highway to sartorial heaven.

Pose (Free) – Do you love uber stylist Rachel Zoe? Think of yourself as a trend spotter too? Well then you’ll die. Rachel Zoe is an investor in this photo share app that asks you to do what the name suggests – pose.  Share your best style finds with the Pose community by snapping images on your phone (edit them on the spot, while tagging the image by brand and price) and uploading them onto Pose, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.  If you’re a fashion lover there are a lot of high profile fashion names to follow – including Zoe herself – who post their fierceness daily.

Featured in the 405 Magazine, http://www.thefourohfive.com, on June 8th

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